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Tuesday, December 06, 2016


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Welcome to DuckMania - the first German Don Rosa Fanpage!

Newsflash June, 2012: There's a new complete edition deluxe book set in the works for Don's "Pertwillaby Papers" and "Captain Kentucky". Check the project page on Indiegogo to preorder your copies now!

Important information:
DuckMania is currently being under construction. I'm working on a new version, but it is still unclear when the revamped DuckMania will go online. Until then, visit the DuckMania Newsblog to get all the most recent and up-to-date Don Rosa news available on the internet!

DuckMania is online since December 2000 and in the meantime our site became the biggest German Don Rosa Fanpage.

Unfortunately, the international version is by far not as big as the German version, because it is just too much work to translate everything and create texts that are interesting for both, German and international visitors. However, I hope you'll enjoy your stay here at DuckMania nevertheless!

Have fun!

Jano Rohleder

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