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Here you'll find a complete overview of all Rosa stories finished until now. The year is the year of first publication

YearTitlePages Story Code
1987The Son of the Sun26

AR 102

1987Nobody's business10AR 103
1987Mythological Menagerie10AR 104
1987Recalled Wreck10AR 105
1987Cash Flow26AR 106
1988The Paper Chase02AR 107
1988Fit to be pied10AR 108
1988Fir-Tree Fracas04AR 109
1988Oolated Luck10AR 110
1988Last sled to Dawson28AR 113
1988Rocket Reverie02AR 116
1988Fiscal Fitness02AR 118
1988Metaphorically Spanking10AR 119
1988The Crocodile Collector18AR 125
1988Fortune on the Rocks12AR 128
1989Return to Plain Awful28AR 130
1989The Curse of Nostrildamus10AR 143
1989His Majesty, McDuck28AR 145
1990The Master Landscapist10D 90057
1990Well-Educated Duck10H 85218
1990Forget me not03H 87112
1990Leaky Luck01H 87173
1990Give unto others07H 87178
1990On a silver platter10H 89068
1990The pied piper of Duckburg08H 89174
1990The Money Pit12W/KD 01-90
1991On Stolen Time13D 90147
1991The Duck Who Fell To Earth12D 90161
1991Treasure Under Glass20D 90227
1991Return To Xanadu30D 90314
1991Incident at McDuck Tower10D 90345
1991The Island at the Edge of Time14D 91071
1991War of the Wendigo27D 91192
1992Super Snooper Strikes Again11D 91076
1992The Last of the Clan McDuck15D 91308
1992The Master of the Mississippi28D 91411
1992The Buckaroo of the Badlands15D 92008
1993The King of the Copper Hill15D 92083
1993The New Laird of Castle McDuck15D 92191
1993The Terror of the Transvaal12D 92273
1993Dreamtime Duck of the Never Never15D 92314
1993The Guardians of the Lost Library28D 92380
1993The Argonaut of white Agony Creek25D 92514
1993The Billionaire of Dismal Downs15D 93121
1994The Invader of Fort Duckburg15D 93227
1994From Duckburg to Lillehammer12D 93287
1994The Richest Duck in the World24D 93288
1994The Recluse of McDuck Manor16D 93488
1994The Duck Who Never Was16D 93574
1995Of Ducks and Dimes and Destinies15D 91249
1995The Treasury of Croesus24D 94012
1995The Universal Solvent24D 94066
1995The Lost Charts of Columbus24D 94144
1995The Incredible Shrinking Tightwad24D 94202
1995Gyro's Beagletrap01G TEM 9510
1996Hearts of the Yukon24D 95044
1996The Once and Future Duck24D 95079
1996The Treasure of the Ten Avatars28D 95153
1996A Matter of Some Gravity16D 96001
1996The Vigilante of Pizen Bluff24D 96089
1997An Eye for Detail10D 94121
1997Attack of the Hideous Space Monsters24D 96203
1997A Little Something Special28D 96325
1997W.H.A.D.A.L.O.T.T.A.J.A.R.G.O.N.16D 97052
1997The Sign of the Triple Distelfink14D 97437
1998The Last Lord of El Dorado30D 96066
1998The Black Knight24D 97346
1998The Cowboy Captain of the Cutty Sark24D 98045
1999The Dutchman's Secret24D 98202
1999Escape From Forbidden Valley24D 98346
1999Quest for Kalevala33D 99078
1999The Coin12F PM 99001
2000The Three Caballeros Ride Again28D 2000-002
2000Attaaaaaack!12F PM 00201
2001The Sharpie of the Culebra Cut


F PM 01201
2001The Beagle Boys vs. The Money Bin17D 2000-191
2001The Crown of the Crusader Kings27D 2001-024
2001Forget it16D 2001-095
2002Gyro's First Invention20D 2001-143
2002The Dream of a Lifetime26D 2002-033
2003Trash or Treasure13D 2003-017
2004A Letter from Home34D 2003-081
2004The Black Knight Glorps Again25D 2003-235
2005The Magnificent Seven (Minus Four) Caballeros 32D 2004-032
2006The Prisoner of White Agony Creek31D 2005-061
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