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"Picsou" - Illustrations

Pin-ups of the French Picsou Magazine

Don is really popular in France, and so he did pin-up pages for the monthly Picsou Magazine (Disney Hachette Presse) for three years. They were published as "Les inÚdits de Don Rosa" on the inside cover page. There was a second series published from early 2004 until mid 2005.

F PM 315F PM 316F PM 317F PM 318F PM 319
F PM 321F PM 322F PM 323F PM 324F PM 325
F PM 326F PM 327F PM 328F PM 329F PM 330
F PM 331F PM 332F PM 333F PM 334F PM 335
F PM 336F PM 337F PM 338F PM 339F PM 340
F PM 341F PM 343F PM 344F PM 345F PM 346
F PM 347F PM 348F PM 349F PM 384F PM 385
F PM 386F PM 387F PM 388F PM 389 F PM 390
F PM 391  F PM 392F PM 393F PM 394F PM 395
F PM 396F PM 397F PM 398 F PM 399 

If there is no other reference given, all scans have been done by DuckMania. It was quite a lot of work, and therefore they may not be used on other website (especially when removing the DuckMania logo) without prior permission. But according to the netiquette, this should go without saying.

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