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German Lo$ Tour Special

The regular version of the Lo$ book has been in stores for some years now here in Germany. It's a paperback featuring all Lo$ chapters, additional chapters, and "Hearts of the Yukon" as a goodie. Back in 2003 when the book was first released, there was a signed hardback edition of the book, limited to 999 copies, which was sold out even before it officially hit the stores.

Regular  2006 Limited

Now, for Don's German signing tour in 2006, there was as a new very special leather-bound hardback edition of the book, limited to 200 copies. It featured a new cover (however, the content of the book is still the same ... no "Prisoner" despite the cover), and included a signed art print of it, while the book itself was signed, too. The first 20 of those books also got full colored original drawings. You can see them here:


The "K numbers", given to people who worked on the book, included original drawings in black and white:

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