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Don Rosa - Sigvald's website. Nicely put together.

D.u.c.k.hunt - The network of Don Rosa fanpages. No more updates.

D.u.c.k.burg - A very nice page with information on the D.U.C.K.s and the Hidden Mickeys. No more updates.

Don Rosa gallery - Many unpublished artworks. No more updates.

The Two Worlds of Don Rosa - Information on the different version of Don's stories.

Don Rosa - The New Duckmaster - Well done site with lots of stuff. No more updates.

The $crooge McDuck Page - Don Rosa's commentaries on the chapters of The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck.

Disney Comics

Disney Comics Worldwide - Great website with information on the Disney publications of the world. - A very good link list for Disney websites.

INDUCKS - The ultimate database for all Disney comic stories.

Official websites

Disney - Disney's website.

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