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The Money Pit

First published in: Donald Duck Adventures #1, Juni 1990 (US/Gladstone) 

Story: When Donald polishes Scrooges coins once more, he notices a coin which is doubly coined. After Huey, Dewey and Louie tell him that it's a misprint which is worth about $1000, he gets an ingenious idea. He suggests Uncle Scrooge to work for half of the usual wages, but only if he may take it by himself. Scrooge sees through Donald's plans, but however, since for him the coins are only worth their market value and he doesn't sell old coins expensively, he agrees.
So, Donald immediately checks each coin exactly for its embossing date. He brings some older ones to an expert, from whom he learns that the oldest coins are also most valuable.
Because of the fact that the oldest coins are situated also quite down in the Money Bin, Donald must find a possibility of coming near to them. So, he constructs a mine and puts the cash from down into a bucket, which Huey, Dewey and Louie can pull upward by a winch. When he discovers pieces of gold down there, he digs himself incautiously more deeply into the cash, which causes the mine to break down and an enormous gold slide, which buries him under it. Only the hose of his vacuum cleaner still connects him with the upper world. But where is Donald exactly? Where are the children and Uncle Scrooge to look him up? Uncle Scrooge has the saving idea. He lets Donald blew a coin up the hose. When he sees it, he can immediately locate Donald. After Donald has somewhat recovered, he wants to sell the coin immediately. But when Huey, Dewey and Louie ask him if the coin which saved him isn't important to him and tell him that nothing at all is more important to them than their uncle, he gives them the coin. Uncle Scrooge gives him a new job: He may sort the mail of the years in which Uncle Scrooge made his fortune. When Donald discovers a stamp on which an airplane is shown the wrong side up, he thinks he has turned crazy and leaves the work. The nephews look it up in their Woodchuck Guidebook and find out that it's the world's rarest stamp. But for security purposes, they throw it out.

Opinion: A really funny story from Rosa's early period which you should absolutely read!

Jano Rohleder

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